Unlock the value in your data.

We specialise in developing and applying innovative analytics solutions that enable us to derive more information from data collected in life sciences research, clinical trials and electronic health records.

Leading edge biomarker and data analysis

We are acknowledged experts in the fields of biomarker analysis and data analysis for personalised and stratified medicine.

Healthcare, Pharma and Life Sciences

We're an agile outsourcing partner to both small and large companies in the health, pharma, and life sciences sectors.

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Our expertise allows us to implement bespoke solutions and approaches to statistical analysis that produce optimised results and outcomes.

We offer peerless expertise in exploratory analysis, study design and application of biomarkers, pharmacogenomics, imaging and observational data to life sciences and healthcare research.

We take pride in helping our clients make informed decisions, working closely to understand their data analysis needs and to provide practical solutions. We’re innovative, we’re efficient and we pride ourselves on being responsive.

We can perform all forms of exploratory data analysis and hypothesis testing to detect meaningful patterns in data.

With significant expertise in biomarkers, we can perform consistent, integrated cross-platform analysis that can be interpreted and integrated into your development programs, providing quality assessments such as reproducibility and repeatability of measurements and advise on the need for additional research.

Similarly, our novel data analysis methods give our clients a competitive advantage by discovering meaningful data patterns and yielding unknown information from large datasets.

Specialist Analysis Solutions

SME Outsourcing

SME Outsourcing

Exploristics are the perfect outsourcing partner when you need expert help with pharmacogenetics, pharmacogenomics, biomarkers, experimental design, and clinical trial and strategy development.

Large Pharma

Large Pharma

We have a track record in the pharmaceutical industry as outsourcing partners – we’re here for you when your in-house teams need extra resource and specialist, cross-disciplinary skills.



Our in-depth experience of supporting healthcare providers includes analysis support for translational medicine, health outcomes and pharmacovigilance.



We can provide analysis support for a wide range of study types across the life sciences. Our flexibility, responsiveness and collaborative approach allow us to provide solutions to the challenges smaller biotech companies face.

We’re always looking for new partner companies and new challenges. If you have a project in mind, we’d love to discuss your needs.