Company Ethos

We have six principles that guide our company. These ensure that we are easy to work with and are encouraged to constantly innovate.


Being open-minded to new ways of thinking, being open to criticism constructively delivered from wheresoever it may come and the welcoming of new ideas and opportunities. A requirement not just to hear, but to listen.


The reflection of views and opinions delivered in a considered but clear and frank way. Expressing your real opinion, upward or downward, and an obligation to deal ethically and with integrity with colleagues and customers.


A requirement to consider fairness in the broadest sense of the word. Fairness to the business, to colleagues, to customers and, on occasion, to all in balance.


The highest standards of commitment and delivery across all areas of responsibility for which an individual, at any level, may have. Delivering on commitments, honouring obligations and respecting those things that make a difference to the reputation of the company and those that work for it.


There are times when following established processes is not the best approach. Customers look for practical solutions that are aligned with their objectives. We meet those needs by designing solutions that are based on four guiding principles: using sound judgement, practising good science, enabling statistical and clinical relevance and focussing on the patient.


Be different, try different things and challenge the norm. It may be “done that way”, but should it be? Innovate, take risks and be prepared to fail.