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23 June, 2017

Exploristics revolutionise clinical trials with the launch of KERUS™ Cloud simulation software platform

Belfast-based data analysis company, Exploristics is pleased to announce the launch of KERUS™ Cloud, the enterprise version of its study simulation software KERUS™ on 22nd June 2017.

KERUS™ Cloud is a cloud-based statistical and big data analytics platform that promises to revolutionise clinical trials for new medicines and clinical interventions by significantly reducing the costs and timescales for clinical trials while maximising the opportunity for successful outcomes.  KERUS™ Cloud delivers the capability to run in silico virtual simulations which have been shown to increase the probability of a clinical study’s success (Drug Discovery Today) by 40% without increasing costs. This can represent savings in the order of £1 Million or greater in a single clinical trial. Personalised Medicine represents the future of new drug treatments and medical interventions and crucially KERUS™ Cloud provides the capabilities necessary to support the development of Personalised Medicine drugs and interventions.

KERUS™ Cloud provides the most comprehensive data analytics and statistics platform designed to deliver solutions for today’s clinical research with rigorous statistical validation.   The scalability, ease of implementation and flexibility of KERUS™ Cloud complimented by Exploristics experienced Services team enables it to be deployed and implemented very quickly.

Dr Aiden Flynn, CEO at Exploristics, said: “The team at Exploristics are incredibly excited to be launching this game changing new software tool.  KERUS™ Cloud gives researchers the chance to improve the success of their studies while reducing costs and timescales through better design and analysis, transforming the speed and efficiency with which new medicines are brought to market”.

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