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16 November, 2015

CART Analysis to Determine Optimal Treatment

Take a look at our Poster Presentation from:
ISPOR 18th Annual European Congress — November, 2015, Milan, Italy

  • This poster presents a study that used CART analysis as a tool to identify the optimal time in days in which T2DM treatment intensification maximises the difference in longitudinal HbA1c levels.
  • The study was performed on T2DM patients who failed to maintain glycaemic control when treated with metformin monotherapy.
  • The analysis was used to validate the time criteria chosen for the previously defined rapid and delayed treatment intensification groups.
  • The technique allows the maximum differences between treatment or clinical groups to be observed.
  • This approach can be applied more generally to the identification of patient strata that differ in health outcomes.

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14 May, 2015

High impact research on predictive biomarkers

Elucidating useful biomarkers to track disease progression is crucial to improving effective prediction of disease outcomes. However, this remains elusive for a number of diseases including idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, a progressive and fatal disorder.


8 April, 2015

Using real world data and healthcare analytics

The need for more efficient healthcare delivery by improving patient outcomes and evaluating the real world effectiveness of new treatments is driving burgeoning interest in the collection and analysis of real world data.


12 January, 2015

Developing diagnostics: thoughts from a statistical perspective

The current emphasis in drug development is shifting away from blockbuster drugs, able to treat a wide range of patients, to a more personalised approach using niche drugs targeting smaller patient populations.